Standards And Performance Warranties

Australian standards sets out the specifications and design procedures to ensure goods and services consistently perform in the way they are intended.

They specify requirements to achieve minimum objectives of safety, quality and performance of a product or service.

WA Pool Fencing provides a lifetime warranty on all hardware including hinges, latches and fittings.* Conditions Apply

Toughened safety glass is much stronger than ordinary glass and can shatter into small relatively harmless pieces when broken.

Spontaneous glass fracture is a very rare phenomenon whereby toughened glass may break withou any apparent reason.

There are many causes, one of which is Nickel Sulphide Inclusion, an undetectable contamination during the molten process of float glass manufacture.

Spontaneous glass fracture is NOT covered by our warranty.

Swimming pool barriers are there to protect our children and it is the law to ensure that your swimming pool / spa is enclosed and that the gate is working correctly at all times.

Local authorities will check your fencing for its product certification to ensure that the barrier components are in fact certified and compliant with AS1926.1 – Safety Barriers for Pools and Spas.

* All hardware must be maintained as per manufacturer’s instructions.

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