PIK Fencing Kit in a Box Kit – 752mm W x 1600mm H

PIK – Kit in a Box – 752mm W x 1600mm H
(Galvanised steel with Epoxy Base Coat & Powder Coated)

KIT includes

  • 10 x 32mm diameter pickets @ 1600mm long
  • 10 x top caps
  • 10 x “C” top spacer clips
  • 10 x”C” bottom spacer clips
  • Pickets are 32mm diameter (3mm wall thickness) galvanised steel with epoxy base coat then powder coated
  • Epoxy base coat provides excellent resistance to corrosion
  • “C” clips are made from polyethylene
  • Kit is suitable for use with grout in installation
  • Individual pickets are ideal for installation where:
  • Higher pickets are required such as step points or change of levels
  • Deeper embedment of pickets required grouted directly into ground
  • creating unique shapes or curves
  • Join each individual picket with innovative “C” clips top and bottom. The clips ensure accurate and consistent spacing between pickets even when installing not in a straight line
  • Bottom “C” clip remains in place when grout poured. Top clip stays installed until grouts sets and then simply remove. Use lever tool for final alignment adjustment of pickets (refer code: PIK-LEVER)
  • Clips provide 80mm centre to centre of picket providing 48mm gap spacing: same spacing as PIK 1200mm wide pre-welded panel.
  • Spacing compliant to AS 1926.1 for pool fencing
  • 10 x pickets per kit

$238.50 $

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