PIK Picket Panel Base Joiner – 5 Pack

PIK – Base Joiner – 5 Pack – Black

  • Pack of 5
  • Plastic joiner that fits to 4 x pickets
  • Recommended for use with the installation of 1200mm wide
  • PIK® panels with plinth (code: PIK-PANEL-1200-1280).
  • Clip joiner onto 2 x pickets from 1 x panel and onto 2 x pickets of joining panel. The joiner keeps adjacent panels in alignment and prevents the chance of spreading panel when installing
  • For surface mount installation, remove joiner clip after installation
  • For grout-in installation, joiner may remain in place and be buried


A ‘Base Joiner’ is highly recommended to help align with several PIK®’s. It will ensure the spacing between each PIK® is exact and spacing remains pool compliant.

$14.85 $

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