PIK Picket Panel Base Extender Picket Pack

PIK 400mm Base Extender Picket – 4 Pack

  • Pack of 4
  • 32mm diameter picket extender with 20mm thread at the top
  • 400mm long picket made from galvanized steel with epoxy base coat & then powder coated
  • Each 1200mm wide plinth/panel has 4 x threaded nutserts on its underside
  • M16 thread at top of extender threads into nutsert enabling 400mm long extender to protrude downwards
  • Use if extra anchoring is required for plinth/panel installation into ground/grout/concrete
  • Also may be used where the plinth extends over a void/drop and an ‘extrusion pillar’ is required under the plinth.

$67.50 $

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